Adobe & Cannes Lions 2012

Then & Now: Mad Men or Math Men?

The digital revolution has not only introduced new ways to connect with audiences, it has also grown our capacity to collect analytical data. Marketers are learning more about their audiences than ever before. But is this new capability helping or hindering the creativity that once made up the backbone of the advertising world? Are the new “Math Men” really better than the old “Mad Men”?

Throughout the week, we’re inviting you to join the debate: Were we more creative then or now? Voice your opinion by tweeting your answer to @Adobe with #ThenAndNow or voting in our Facebook application. We’ll share the most compelling thoughts on our digital billboard at the festival.

Visit Adobe on the Parvais, in front of the Palais de Festivals, to see the conversation develop for yourself, and to take home your own souvenir from Cannes Lions 2012.