Adobe Acrobat X Suite

Organize your work for greater impact

Combine multiple files into one convenient PDF file. From documents, spreadsheets, and emails to web pages, audio, and video — one compact file is all you need to share and view your work.

Acrobat X Suite features

  • Before and after

    Before and after

    See how easy it is to create PDF files in a variety of applications with this side-by-side comparison.

  • How to create a PDF file

    How to create a PDF file

    A single step in most popular office applications is all it takes to convert documents, spreadsheets, emails, websites, and more into a PDF that virtually everyone can view.

  • Sample PDF file

    Sample PDF file

    Explore an actual PDF converted from a Word document to see how flexible PDF files can be. Best viewed from your Acrobat X Pro trial download.

How to create a PDF file