Adobe Connect

Discover the true power of digital meetings for your organization

Adobe® Connect™ for Web Meetings enables you to go beyond screen sharing and collaborate or meet far more effectively with colleagues, partners, and customers - anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

Why use Adobe Connect?

Enable instant access from virtually any device
Collaborate across firewalls on virtually any device, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as the desktop with no client downloads for participants.

Engage in complete mobile-to-mobile collaboration
Drive effective collaboration directly from your mobile device, with nearly all of the hosting and collaboration capabilities on the desktop tailored for mobile use.

Create your personal digital office in the cloud
Create your own customized, always-on URL for your digital meetings, brand the environment, and securely store all of your files, documents, layouts and notes in a persistent manner.

Turn every meeting into a knowledge asset
Record your meetings and republish to the content library for widespread on-demand access. Formalize training around your recordings with Adobe Connect for eLearning.

Maximize investments through integration with existing infrastructure
Integrate with and bring together existing communications infrastructure to enable unified communications across existing investments.

Ensure secure communication and compliance
Choose the industry-leading solution most often selected by organizations requiring the strictest security controls, including the U.S. Department of Defense.