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Six tips for creating effective online marketing campaigns.

“Sorry, that item no longer exists.”

If you’re like most people, those words conjure up some aggravating emotions. And if you’re annoyed, just think how your customer feels. So how do you prevent your paid search from leading customers to a dead end?

One method is to use dynamic marketing campaigns that only link to existing items in your inventory. It’s a simple idea that retailers can use to get the most out of their marketing campaigns. In our guide, "Performance marketing for retailers," you’ll learn six helpful tips for improving your performance marketing.

Capture more sales.
As new technologies and communication channels emerge, it’s important that your brand remains consistent. Our guide explores what successful multichannel marketing looks like, and offers expert advice on the following best practices:

  • Engaging customers with inventory that actually exists
  • “Searchandizing” and how it helps sell alternate items
  • Ensuring cross-channel marketing is consistent

Learn from your customers.
No matter which tip you apply first, pay attention to your results. By constantly learning and adapting your methods to consumer behavior, you’ll see consistent results — even in tough economic times. And our guide can help you get started.

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