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Comcast’s six rules for converting website traffic.

Testing best practices for digital marketers.

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Smart marketers are using online testing to continually improve the user experience by using real-time, real-world analytics data gathered from their customers.

The time is past for guessing.

See how Comcast, an Adobe customer, is using analytics data to pinpoint problem areas on their site. They use Adobe® solutions like Adobe Test&Target™ to test and optimize these areas to reach an optimal conversion rate.

This webcast and white paper will discuss:

  • How Comcast lifted conversion rates by 44%
  • Ways to prioritize your optimization plan
  • How to develop a culture of testing at your organization

Boost conversion rates with testing.

Improving website testing is vital to boosting online conversion. Download this content today to get a six-step approach to developing better processes for testing on your site.