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Create social media fans on Facebook and Twitter.

How USA Today increased return on investment, interaction, and influence.

Unfortunately there is no golden ‘rule book’ when it comes to social media. But marketers who are using analytics and sophisticated measurement tools to guide their social media activities will be far more successful than those that are operating blindly. In fact, social media analytics helps take your social efforts from activities, to a strategy.

It may sound simple enough, but by knowing what works and what doesn’t, you can improve your social media strategy to yield increasingly better results. In this webcast and guide, USA Today will explore how they are using data and metrics from the Adobe® Marketing Cloud to pinpoint profitable social media channels and content, so they can continuously optimize their social marketing campaigns.

This webcast and guide will review:

  • Best practices to promote your brand on Facebook and Twitter
  • Using social media for customer service and engagement
  • USA Today's social media measurement strategy

If you can’t determine what social media content is successful at your organization then you cannot improve or optimize your social media strategy. Download this webcast and guide today to get the best practices, steps and resources that you need to jump start your social media strategy.

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