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How tag management improves digital analytics.

Reign in web measurement chaos.

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Implementing and maintaining tags across a website is a constant battle, and in many cases chaos is winning, putting your marketing, measurement, and site effectiveness at risk.

Fight the tagging battle on your site.

If you are like most companies you may be losing the tag management battle due to ad hoc, manual tag management efforts that are commonly used today. According to Forrester Research, marketers who are still using out-dated processes are putting their measurement and site performance at risk due to inconsistent and error prone tagging.

According to Forrester Research’s latest tag management report: “How tag management improves web intelligence,” the most viable option for winning the tagging battle is using a tag management system which allows firms to deploy and maintain consistent analytics tags on all pages.

This Forrester Research independent report will discuss:

  • How to complete a website tagging audit
  • Four pitfalls of a manual tag management process
  • Why tag management improves site measurement and accuracy

Reduce chaos.

Download this white paper to see Forrester’s latest tips and recommendations for how using a tag management system will help you reign in web measurement chaos.