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A Q&A about the new Facebook Pages for Social Strategists

View the on-demand webinar and learn from Adobe’s social media experts as they address how to leverage the new Facebook features for the best business results

Kevin Barenblat, former Context Optional CEO and current Senior Director of Social Strategy at Adobe discusses what the Facebook announcements made at the 2012 fMC mean to Social Strategists. In this webinar, he'll answer the following questions:

  • What are the top three opportunities for brands with the new layout?
  • How will marketing campaigns evolve in the new Facebook Page environment and what features should I prioritize to ensure campaign success?
  • Does this reduce the use or importance of apps and how do I leverage the different tab structure going forward?
  • What is Premium for Facebook and Reach Generator and how do I take advantage of these capabilities to maximize reach and engagement?
  • Will my ability to reach and engage people organically in the News Feed be affected by the influx of new paid reach opportunities?
  • What are real-time insights and how do I take advantage of them to grow my brand and increase engagement?

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