It's the ultimate case study: ourselves.

See how we use the Adobe Marketing Cloud to inform and improve our new Digital Marketing campaign.

Our Digital Marketing campaign started last October and continues today. We've gathered data daily and monitored its impact with our target audience. Check out some of the results and insights we're gaining through the use of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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How's our social media performing?

  • Social media universe

    Social Media Universe

    Growing our social marketing universe was one of our initial campaign goals. During the first phase of our campaign, which was focused on growth, we increased our Facebook fans by 150% and Twitter followers by 80%. In January, we shifted our strategy to engagement, but still continue to see 30% growth in followers.

  • Twitter mentions by term

    Twitter mentions

    Our digital marketing conference, Adobe Summit, was held in March, and it generated a number of significant mentions on Twitter. Our newest product, Adobe Social, is now a top term, with huge potential for reaching a wide audience. Sentiment continues to be almost unanimously positive or neutral.

How are people finding us?

We're analyzing a number of web metrics to understand how many people are visiting our site, what sources are driving traffic, the duration of each visit, and what actions visitors are taking.

  • Web site visits

    Web site visits

    Awareness from paid media, combined with social and press coverage about the campaign, drove a significant amount of traffic to our site. We saw a jump in traffic that was up to 10 times what it was on launch day. Since then, there have been smaller spikes and an expected seasonal holiday dip, but traffic continues to be two to three times our prior weekly average run rates.

  • Referring sources for traffic

    Referring sources for traffic

    Knowing how people make their way to our site helps us allocate resources and budget. Looking at the top sources of site traffic, we see the impact of our display advertising and how it's driving direct traffic and an increase in typed and bookmarked traffic since the campaign started.

  • Solution page visits
  • Web site engagement: solution pages

    Driving traffic to the website is just the start. We need to have the right visitors who then engage with us to learn about our solutions. By tracking deeper into the site, we learn about the quality of traffic and are adjusting our paid media and content strategies to attract our most engaged audiences.

So, what's the bottom line?

Ultimately, we're working to turn visitors into solid leads. Thanks to Adobe Marketing Cloud, we can track the process from beginning to end.

To the right, you see the total number of visits to the Adobe Marketing Cloud site, along with the number of people who started and then submitted a request more information. We continue to see a higher run-rate of inquiries over pre-campaign averages, while our overall conversion rate has remained relatively flat throughout the campaign. Internally, we are tracking and reporting out on the revenue resulting from these inquiries.

  • Total conversion

    Total conversion

Adobe Marketing Cloud: Go from data, to insights, to action.

Join us here and on our Digital Marketing blog as we continue to measure and optimize our campaign to get the best business results.

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