Adobe® FrameMaker® 10

FrameMaker & template-based authoring and publishing


Single sourcing, managing, and publishing content made easy with Adobe® FrameMaker® 10

Adobe FrameMaker 10 software offers a powerful authoring and publishing solution for unstructured, structured, and XML/DITA/S1000D content.

Try it now and explore how easily you can author content once with an enhanced user interface and standards-compliant tools and templates, manage, and reuse content smarter via out-of-the-box content management system (CMS) integration, collaborate on content faster with roundtrip review workflows, and also automatically publish content. Learn more

Why use FrameMaker 10?

  • Full support for DITA 1.2, S1000D and XML standards

    Full support for DITA 1.2, S1000D and XML standards

    Take advantage of comprehensive support for DITA 1.2, S1000D, and other XML standards to author content complying with industry specifications.

  • Seamless connectivity with content management systems

    Seamless connectivity with content management systems

    Leverage out-of-the-box integration with Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, and other popular content management systems to better manage and easily repurpose content.

  • No experience necessary

    No experience necessary

    Benefit from a basic infrastructure with the Structured Application Creation Wizard. With this highly intuitive, UI-based tool, you can start working with structured Adobe FrameMaker even if you don't have any prior knowledge or training.

  • Script more efficiently

    Script more efficiently

    Easily automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks through advanced scripting support with ExtendScript. Run scripts for simple tasks from within Adobe FrameMaker or through the ExtendScript Toolkit to eliminate manual effort and increase productivity.